We bring more than 20 years of experience leading first class digital businesses.
We are impartial evaluating the technology you need to improve your business.
We want you to make the right decision. We only work on projects where we will be successful in less than 6 months.

We ensure profitability in less than 6 months.

We focus digitalization on the client.

What do we offer?

Digital business strategy and launch


Data governance and
end-to-end solutions

Servitization and
new business models


Value-added sales training

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is your success.

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Time can be your main competitor or your best partner, everything depends on your capacity to react.

Our method

the knowledge
of our clients with the expertise of our specialists.

your organization
towards the client
with an innovative model.

business opportunities
in the market.

your success
tangible results
in an agile 
and fast way.

We challenge organizations to ensure their competitiveness through differentiating technology and business models.


“Digitalentu has a deep knowledge of CBM and a clear vision on how digitalization will change the industries. In contrast to many other experts in this field, Digitalentu also knows exactly how the industry works. Due to this fact Digitalentu is able to take people on board on the journey of digital transformation in this industry against all odds.”

Thilo Koch

Global Product and IP Manager, Dellner Couplers AB

“Benchmarks in digitalization, authorities in data-based businesses. Digitalentu is an outstanding team with whom we are fortunate to collaborate closely from their initial stages.”

Iñaki Garagorri

CEO, OPE Consultores

“We have had an incredible adventure with Digitalentu that has allowed us to develop a solid digital business model and work on the keys to carry it forward in a totally personalized way to our reality.”

Elixabete Ayerbe

Unidad de Materiales para Energía, Cidetec

“I have had the opportunity and the luck to be able to work with Digitalentu during the last months. From minute one they provide a differential, and in day-to-day work you realize that each of the questions and steps they propose have the exact meaning they should have. They know how to anticipate your needs and propose personalized solutions. They are extraordinary collaborators in this exciting transformation towards regional Digitization.”

Begoña Beobide

Director, Iraurgi Berritzen

The involvement in the project, the intensity, the methodology and the dynamism during the work sessions of Digitalentu have led us to have the foundations to be able to carry out the AIRLAN SERVICE project successfully.

We can say that the result has exceeded our expectations. Congratulations to the Digitalentu team for a job well done.

Joseba Gobela

Managing Director, Airlan S.A.

It has been tremendous luck to meet the Digitalentu team because together, hand in hand and “from the mud”, we have managed to define and value complementary services to the machining of parts and we have validated new digital business opportunities that we saw very far away at the beginning.

The journey together has led us to have generated a clear impact on our business in less than 6 months. Thanks Digitalentu for the practical learning, for helping us to lose our fears and to be ready to continue moving forward!

Aitzol Alberdi

Managing Director, Alberdi Mekanizatu Lanak S.L.

Thanks to the Digitalentu team, we have had the opportunity to reflect and give an important boost to our after-sales activity, focusing on digitization aimed at increasing customer satisfaction, developing and offering new services and detecting new opportunities.

Digitalentu has been integrated as part of the team making our objectives theirs and their methodology, experience and enthusiasm have helped us a lot along the way.

Ana Goyen


“Working and learning with the Digitalentu team has been one of the best professional experiences we have had.Our initial objective of expanding the value proposition to the customer, offering a good after-sales service, has ended up being much more ambitious, thanks to the vision and great work of the Digitalentu team.

The work dynamics, the pace and the involvement of the team, has led us to digitize and package our service offerings, and become the best after-sales service platform in our sector.

Thank you for making it possible!

Ramón Gómez Ugalde

Corporate Director, ONNERA GROUP

We are international

About us

Álvaro Zevallos

Álvaro Zevallos

Managing Partner

I am passionate about helping companies translate digitalization into successful businesses. The fact of having led the development of digital businesses in more than 40 countries, has allowed me to understand different realities and company cultures, generate a network of outstanding partners, know how to sell added value and understand that, in the era of digitalization, people are still the engine of change.

DIGITALENTU comes naturally as evidence that good ideas only have value if they are executed with the right knowledge, method and talent.

Idoia Iceta

Idoia Iceta

Managing Partner

My professional career has allowed me to know big companies very well and build new business projects, where the team and technology have always been key to succeed. I love teamwork with a vocation for growth, customer orientation and technological development.

In 2020 we built DIGITALENTU to bring that experience to companies and turn their digitalization projects into reality.

Alexander Artola

Alexander Artola

Strategic Designer & Researcher

The experience I have gained by participating in innovation projects with clients from all over the world alongside anthropologists, consultants, engineers and other social profiles, together with my background as an engineer and service designer, allows me to develop solutions that meet the needs and expectations of companies, with a human, digital and forward-looking approach.

At DIGITALENTU we work for companies, both B2B and B2C, on developing tangible solutions driven by a vision of the future.

Alexander Artola

Alexander Artola

Digital transformation & BI Project Manager

My professional career has always been linked to the development of projects related to the technological field, developing a polyvalent and versatile technical profile with a specialization in the area of ​​Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. I am passionate about data, analyzing it and discovering the patterns it hides to transform it into useful information for companies.

At DIGITALENTU we work every day to achieve this challenge and provide added value in the decision-making process of our clients.

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